About Gadi

"The good ideas are born in sporadic bursts, when you have a burning desire to let something out"

  • "Everything Flows Like Life Itself"

    Gadi’s story is likely one you haven’t heard before. The son of Polish Holocaust survivors, Gadi used art as therapy. For most of his life, art was simply a side hobby to his job as a vineyard farmer in Israel. At age 40, Gadi boldly decided to pursue his artistic passion as his life’s work.

  • Gadi Fraiman’s unstoppable turn to art

    One sunny day on the outskirts of Jerusalem, in a small vineyard on top of a hill, the grapes are left unexpectedly untended. The fields are empty of man, farm tools strewn across the earth. The usual bustle of pruning, raking and harvesting is at a complete standstill. The farmer who has cared these fruit day in, day out, for sixteen years seems to have neglected them and disappeared

  • Speaking in Stone

    Whispering and speaking through stone, sculpting the warm, forgiving exterior – like clay in a potter’s hand, a stony whisper, and yet the thought is far from being fossilized… The sculptor Gadi Fraiman has an intimate relationship with this rigid material, kneading and molding rhythms and melodies... Moshe Saidi, Curator of the Shfela Museum


Creation Without Boundaries

Like his art, Gadi’s studio is imbued by the nature that surrounds him, blurring the lines between work space & muse.

The Studio

Gadi’s studio evokes an idyllic scene straight out of the Bible. Nestled on a hilltop near Jerusalem, his ancient stone workshop is surrounded by life -- blossoming plants, scurrying creatures, & buzzing wildlife abound. Gadi’s pieces are effortlessly woven into the landscape, turning the place itself into a work of art.