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    Gadi's Studio & Gallery

    Like his art, Gadi’s studio & Gallery is imbued by the nature that surrounds him, blurring the lines between work space & muse.


    • About the Artwork

      • How do I acquire Gadi’s artwork?

        You may leave contact information through the sculpture page you wish to purchase, or through the Contact page and the studio representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

      • Can you help me pick the right art work for a certain location?

        Yes, we would love to do that, please leave all your details, preferences and desired location for the sculpture via the Contact page.

      • I would like to purchase a pedestal/display box together with an artwork, is it possible?

        Off course, in case of pedestals, we work with art display companies and can recommend a suitable one for you and manage the order of the display for you.

    • Gadi's Studio & Gallery

      • May I tour Gadi’s Studio & Gallery?

        The studio and Galley are open to visitors by appointment. Please leave your requested visit dates and details through the Contact page.

      • Where exactly is Gadi’s studio located? How do I get there?

        Gadi's studio & gallery is located on a beutiful hilltop in the Judean lowlands in center of Israel. For exact directions please write “Gadi Fraiman sculpture garden” in Google maps. For further instructions, please contact us through the contact form or phone number.

      • Where can I see Gadi’s artwork in the flesh?

        Gadi’s sculptures are exhibited in his gallery in Kibbutz Mishmar David, in galleries who represent him, public sculpture parks and temporary exhibitions. Please see the News page for upcoming shows, the Public Projects page to find an artwork near your place of residence, or contact us on the Contact page to request a studio or gallery visit.

    • Shipping

      • I would like to acquire artwork, what is the delivery time?

        Delivery time varies and takes 1-8 weeks depending on the availability of the sculpture.

      • How do you safely ship artwork?

        Gadi’s studio have developed the highest standards, methods, and reputation for transporting artwork safely and efficiently across the globe. To date, we have a less than one-percent breakage rate.

      • Do you do international shipping?

        Yes. for more information about shipping please visit the Shipping page.

    • General

      • Where may I find more information about the life of Gadi Fraiman?

        Visit the 'Life' section of the website to explore more about Gadi or call us to request additional information.

      • Does a purchased artwork arrive with an authenticity certificate signed by the artist?

        Yes. Each artwork arrives with a detailed authenticity certificate signed by the artist.

      • How do I get information about a specific artwork?

        Contact us via our contact page or call.