Biblical  Series



40 X 40 X 160 cm | 16 X 16 X 63 inch

About The Artwork

Gadi depicts temptation through the allegorical tree of knowledge. A man reaches out to the tree, the snake peaking between its branches. Feet on the ground, knowledge in the heavens above, and the apple of knowledge at the core, Gadi questions the notion of temptation. Is it good or bad? He does not make conclusions but leaves us with an open question. He continues, “temptation is so integral to human life,” he reflects. “We are always presented with tempting opportunities. Whether they are right for us or not is up to us.”

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About Gadi Fraiman

Israeli sculptor Gadi Fraiman expertly captures natural elements & fleeting emotions in works that transcend mediums, pulsating with life.

At age 40, Gadi made the courageous decision to take his artistic devotion to the next level, leaving his job in the vineyards and focusing on sculpting full time. Gadi’s unbridled passion for his art and his constantly evolving creative approach define his signature style. Gadi’s sculptures capture this fervent kinetic energy & flow almost as if a spark of life is growing inside each of them.