Eyes  Series

Mobile Eyes

Colored Stainless Steel

100 X 80 X 140 cm | 39 X 31 X 55 Inch


The eyes series explores human beings’ obsession with attention in our present-day era. According to Gadi, we are entering a new ice age, a spiritual ice age, characterized by attention deficits of the mind and a concurrent deep yearning for momentary emotional thrills. Infinite content overwhelms the human subconscious; herds of aimless eyes roam rapidly from place to place,  shepherded by pulsating glitches. At a time when the number of followers and views determine how much you’re loved and the attention span shortens, the battle becomes aggressive. 

Good luck, digital cowboys!

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About Gadi Fraiman

Israeli sculptor Gadi Fraiman expertly captures natural elements & fleeting emotions in works that transcend mediums, pulsating with life.

At age 40, Gadi made the courageous decision to take his artistic devotion to the next level, leaving his job in the vineyards and focusing on sculpting full time. Gadi’s unbridled passion for his art and his constantly evolving creative approach define his signature style. Gadi’s sculptures capture this fervent kinetic energy & flow almost as if a spark of life is growing inside each of them.