BALLOON GIRL  Collection

Dream Big

Stainless Steel & Colored Bronze

20 X 36 X 20 cm | 8 X 14 X 8 inch

About The Artwork

It is universally precious to see a child with a big dream. Oftentimes we ourselves see those dreams as being oversized and unattainable, but for the child, there is no stress of the obstacles they must overcome to achieve the dream of being an astronaut or the president. They feel only the excitement of working toward the goal in their mind. They continue to inflate their goal without the fears we experience as an adult. 

As the viewer sees themself within the reflection of the overinflated dream they are reminded of the ambitions and imaginations of their own childhood. Before the disruptions of day-to-day adult living, what dreams did you have for yourself? Why did you stop pouring your all into them?

Gadi Fraiman’s newest series of young children immersed in play brings the viewer into the world of innocence and joy. Each individual Balloon Girl focuses on an implicit characteristic from the joys of childhood. Intending to bring the viewer into a world in which a child can dream, Gadi has created the hyperbolic young girls experiencing a purity not yet spoiled by adult-ish affairs.

Inspired by his grandchildren running barefoot and fully engaged in the enjoyment of life, Gadi watched them at play and was transported into their world. Watching children play brings a freshness that adults never tire of seeing, but also a nostalgia for the youthful emotions and virtues lost, reminiscing of a time when we were free of any awareness of suffering or defeat.

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About Gadi Fraiman

Israeli sculptor Gadi Fraiman expertly captures natural elements & fleeting emotions in works that transcend mediums, pulsating with life.

At age 40, Gadi made the courageous decision to take his artistic devotion to the next level, leaving his job in the vineyards and focusing on sculpting full time. Gadi’s unbridled passion for his art and his constantly evolving creative approach define his signature style. Gadi’s sculptures capture this fervent kinetic energy & flow almost as if a spark of life is growing inside each of them.