About Gadi

Gadi Fraiman was born in Poland in 1958 and immigrated to Israel with his family when he was 8 years old. As a son of holocaust survivors, he sought out creative ways to express his feelings, and at a young age he already began turning words into lines and representing emotions in color.
After he married, Gadi moved to Kibbutz Mishmar David in the Judean foothills, where his three children were born. He began sculpting in 1982, though for many years this occupation served as a hobby alongside his main occupation as a farmer cultivating vineyards for wine making. Read more…

The Workshop

Gadi’s workshop is located on a hilltop near Kibbutz Mishmar David. The scenery, the quite and the nature surrounding it, perfectly create the ambiance suited to his pieces.
The complete sculpting process takes place in Gadi’s workshop – as solid cubes of stone are transformed into masterpieces. Gadi’s workshop is an island of calm – consisting of an ancient building, surrounded by a green garden, which incorporate art and nature. 


Gadi’s sculptures are present throughout the garden which is open to the public and draws visitors from far and wide. During the week Gadi heads sculpting seminars – participants of all ages and levels are welcome. The learning process is personal and suited to each individual.

תמונות פיסול 010

Biographical Notes


• 2016 – ‘Gadi Fraiman’ Gallery launce, Mishmar David, Israel
• 2015 – Bruno art gallery, Singapore
• 2014 – Solo exhibition, Discount bank, Tel Aviv, Israel
• 2014 – Matzo Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
• 2014 – Bartoux Gallery, Cannes, France
• 2013 – ZK Gallery, San Francisco, USA
• 2013 – Geffen Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
• 2008 – Solo exhibition, San Francisco, USA
• 2006 – Solo exhibition, San Francisco, USA
• 2004 – Harvey Krueger’s Sculpture Garden Dedication, New Jersey, USA
• 2004 – Solo exhibition, Hilton gallery, Miami, USA
• 2003 – Appointed to the curator of ‘TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries’
• 2002 – Solo exhibition, David Continental gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
• 2000 – Solo exhibition, Asia house, Tel Aviv, Israel
• 2000 – ‘Gadi Fraiman’ sculpting workshop launch, Mishmar David, Israel
• 1999 – Group exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
• 1998 – Hashfela museum, Israel
• 1996 – Group exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
• 1994 – Solo exhibition, Kishon gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
• 1993 – Solo exhibition, Migdal gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
• 1992 – Hilton gallery, Jerusalem
• 1992 – Sculpture Garden Dedication, Brogues, Belgium
• 1991 – Solo exhibition, Brogues, Belgium
• 1990 – Solo exhibition, Gestalt, Switzerland
• 1989 – Solo exhibition, Antwerp, Belgium
• 1988 – Solo exhibition, Safari gallery, Tel Aviv & Jerusalem, Israel

Public Projects

• 2015 – “Solar System” monument, Ramat Hovav, Israel
• 2015 – “The Band”, Givaat Shmuel, Israel
• 2014 – “The Church of God” Monument, Horns of Hattin, Israel
• 2009 – “Son’s Inheritance” monument, Elkana, Israel
• 2009 – “Gezer” ancient tablet reproduction, Leawood, Kansas, USA
• 2008 – TEVA Fountain, Beer Sheba, Israel
• 2006 – “Dwarf Park” Holon, Israel
• 2004 – “Animals”, The Biblical Zoo, Jerusalem, Israel
• 2001 – “Creation”, Beilinson Hospital, Israel
• 1999 – “A Tribute to Yitzhak Rabin”, Beilinson Hospital, Israel
• 1998 – “Rotem Lookout”, Jerusalem, Israel
• 1997 – “The Stork’s Visit”, Shoham, Israel
• 1995 – “Sculptors working in the street”, Shoham, Israel
• 1992 – “Hat Lady” Ramat Hasharon, Israel
• 1991 – “Lovers”, Ganei Tikva concert hall, Israel
• 1990 – “No Title” Rishon Lezion, Israel

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Speaking in Stone

Moshe Saidi, Curator of the Shfela Museum

Whispering and speaking through stone, sculpting the warm, forgiving exterior – like clay in a potter’s hand, a stony whisper, and yet the thought is far from being fossilized…
The sculptor Gadi Fraiman has an intimate relationship with this rigid material, kneading and molding rhythms and melodies. This “flirtation” has been ongoing since his youth, when he collected and classified stones of various colors and textures in his own private archive. Looking at many of his stone sculptures, it is no wonder he remains faithful to the touch of his sculptures and their beauty.
I have learned that he is true to himself and to the material which serves… Read more