Gadi Fraiman was born in Poland in 1958 and immigrated to Israel with his family when he was 8 years old. As a son of holocaust survivors, he sought out creative ways to express his feelings, and at a young age he already began turning words into lines and representing emotions in color.
After he married, Gadi moved to Kibbutz Mishmar David in the Judean foothills, where his three children were born. He began sculpting in 1982, though for many years this occupation served as a hobby alongside his main occupation as a farmer cultivating vineyards for winemaking.
Over the years, public interest in his work grew and sculpting became his profession, and more than that, his hallmark and way of life.
Art has accompanied Gadi throughout his life, serving as a vehicle for self-expression. His work is well known for its soft flowing lines and latent emotions, which burst out of the stone and media.
Currently, Gadi sculpts in stone and bronze, and has recently begun incorporating color into his sculptures. His work can be seen in exhibitions, galleries and public spaces around the world.